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Wine Selection - Restaurants Banff, Ticino
Wine Selection - Restaurants Banff, Ticino

Most readers of these menus who are looking for fine dining in Banff, might wonder what the name means and what kind of combination a Swiss-Italian restaurant could be. Ticino is the name of Switzerland's southern-most canton (province), south of the Alps, bordering on Italy and where Italian is spoken.

Originally the cuisine of this area was similar to other mountain regions of French and German speaking Switzerland. However the southern neighbours, Italy, and the milder climate of Ticino's lower valleys influenced the culinary habits of this canton.

Corn, potatoes and chestnuts used to be basic food items. Meat was scarce but game, such as deer and mountain goat was always available. Fish and shellfish were abundant. Grapes and wine products have influenced the regional cooking, as have a number of other fruits, even sub-tropical ones. A variety of vegetables especially tomatoes, and year round herbs such as sage, rosemary and thyme are used effectively in many popular dishes.

At Restaurant Ticino, we are dedicated to making your Banff dining experience a unique and extraordinary one. We would like to have you sample our interpretation of contemporary "Cucina Nostrana" and remind you of what Luigi Franconi from Brissago had to say in 1846 in the first known cookbook of the area: "...hospitals should be transformed into restaurants and doctors and pharmacists recruited as cooks, in order to make them finally valid members of our society, since mankind maintains health chiefly by eating well and sensibly!"

Fresh Local Ingredients for Healthy and Delicious Food

Our Swiss-Italian cuisine uses fresh local ingredients from Alberta. Simple and genuine products make dining in Banff at our family-owned restaurant an experience that is the perfect combination of taste and sensible eating.

One of our most popular gourmet dishes is wild mushroom soup. You have to taste this marvelous recipe to know just how good a mushroom soup can be. But did you also know that mushrooms are loaded with nutrients like niacin, and a long list of minerals? Natural, wild mushrooms, even more so.

How about a special salad to go with your soup for starters? Our Insalata (Italian for salad) "Ticino Trio,"
features fresh red beets with goat cheese on butter lettuce greens, with celery root slaw and grated carrots, topped off with citrus vinaigrette.

Let us go all out and finish your starters off before your entree and savor our Vineyard Snails in "Ticino" Herb Butter Sauce. Served with french bread, you will find this gourmet appetizer to be not only delicious, but healthy as well. Snails are surprisingly nutritious, serving as an excellent source of iron and other essential minerals, as well as protein.

Don't forget to order a glass of wine! We have a great selection of wines to complement your meal.

Please go through our menu and be ready for a fine dining experience without equal in Alberta.

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